Lisa Sewards Strings

Detail of STRINGS installation
archival digital print ‘Deep into Winters Solstice’ 110x130cm
suspended parachute strings



Port Jackson Press Print Gallery, LWOO

84 Smith Street
Collingwood  Vic  3066

Exhibition runs June 1st – 20th 2016

Exhibition viewing: 24 hours 7 days


“in situ”

Artist Statement

This installation encompasses ‘Parachute Cords’ and framed works on paper creating a mini exhibition entitled STRINGS.  Its display is contained within the front windows of Port Jackson Press Print Gallery and is part of many events celebrating Print Council of Australia’s 50 years in Print.

The braided sheath, twisted and strong paracords click for more info have carried and delivered great post to read objects of love, offerings, relief, supplies, and both personnel and animals in combat for decades.  The imagery in my framed works on paper scattered under the suspended pendulous strings focus on the objects that have been carried over the years. Loose sculptural objects will also feature and the backdrop to my installation is a new large format forest print taking the audience deep into winter’s solstice.


Military drop
etching, suspended


Lisa Sewards

etching 28x23cm


etching 28x23cm



Operation cat drop
etching 28x23cm



The messenger
etching, hand coloured 28x23cm