45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000

July 2nd – July 13th, 2013

Opening Speaker Sarah Tomasetti, Artist & Arts Educator
Tuesday July 2nd, 2013  5-7pm

Artist talk and Russian High Tea
Saturday July 13th @ 2pm

Within the prism of my mother’s experience in wartime Russia, this body of work captures a moment of her childhood memory.  It reveals the human impulse to create order and beauty in the face of displacement and the chaos of war. As a young child she lived in a displaced persons camp and recalls the time when she and her own mother found an abandoned white silk parachute in the neighbouring woods. From this parachute they made clothing and little white silk ribbons for my mother’s hair… her symbols of comfort and hope.

A beautiful heartfelt personal story that I honour in a series of Works on Paper, Paintings and an installation of a rare WWII white silk Parachute Canopy.



exhibition features Silence of the falling White Parachute
Art projection, silent video loop (play teaser)

concept, filming by Lisa Sewards
editing, rendering by Tina Douglas

displaced and misplaced (detail), 2012

unique state, 500×700 mm framed
monoprint, linocut, digital print on archival cotton rag
BFK Rives paper 300gsm

Exhibition in situ

exhib in situ 1 exhib in situ 3 exhib in situ 2 exhib in situ 5

Selection of Works on Papers and Paintings

parachute map

Parachute map (detail)
oil and collage on linen

open chute

a silk web
archival digital print

untitled 1945

monotype, embossing

untitled circa

Untitled (circa 1945)
mixed media


mixed media

white para 1

white parachute I
oil on linen

The Exhibition Catalogue Essay

by Dr Julie Cotter 2013


There is a moment in Edmund de Waal’s The Hare With Amber Eyes that is pivotal to his eventual attraction to the strangeness of his inheritance of 264 netsuke. He decides to place one in his pocket for a day. Thus, throughout the day he secretly rolls the thing from one finger to the next and as a result is seduced into discovering the origin of the collection. He sources through the netsuke a story of his family that encompasses the extravagance of a past century as much as it exposes the horrors of war.

Things provide clues to memories and become a part of our identity as we search for connections. When Melbourne artist Lisa Sewards began to investigate a childhood photograph of her Belurussian mother taken during her internment in a northern German camp during WW2, it was the silky white ribbons tied in her mother’s hair that attracted.   <read entire essay> 


Landscape from memory
mono, digital print


what we have lost…
linocut, mono, digital print


slow the motion
oil on board


woodlands of oak and fir
mono, ink, digital print


freight of history
mono, collage, digital print


Selection from “Layers of Memories”

mini2 mini mini3
mini4 mini6 mini5


exhib big